Welcome to Green Park Chitwan

We borrowed the cool from the breeze that plays along with tall elephant grasses that grow in the wilderness just outside our traditionally carved entrance doors. We borrowed the warm hospitality from the ethnics that has made Baghmara ever such a wonderful place to visit in Chitwan. We went into the deep heart of the jungle, and borrowed the songs of the flowers and stories of the trees and then painted them in our rooms, with each room getting a different song, a different story. We also traced the history of Baghmara, and borrowed the folklore to not just give 'feel' to living, but a 'soul' to being.


Welcome to Green Park Chitwan at Baghmara's Tiger Point.

Make yourself at home at Green Park, and never feel that you are living a borrowed time. But make yourself feel that you have earned it, as though you want it. For we, at Green Park, welcome you with our open heart this is where you want to be.

At Green Park Chitwan, tradition meets trends culture meets class. While you might be resting on a mattress that would take you to the ninth cloud, your smile would tell that the walls are embellished with red clay from the very soil of Baghmara. While you might be taking a rain shower with any temperature of water you wish of, the tiles of the floor on the wall would make you lose yourself in the Nepali art. Your head would be rested on wood and cushions, but just a hand's reach away would be an air conditioner that would whisper the coolest of breeze.

Your glance would be stuck on the hand painted art on the wall, while you can choose a television channel just a button's press away. And at night when the warm light hits to illustrate the traditional Tharu colors that fill your room, a powerful Wi-Fi service will aid you to tell your own story.

"Namaste", says the king size Ganesha idol as you enter from the beautifully craved doors at Green Park Chitwan.

When you turn back, a tiger's statue marks your entry to Tiger Point, Baghmara. And to your front is a smiling host offering you a brewery that suits your taste buds. As you eye towards the big open world that Green Park Chitwan wraps you up with, you would know you are in the best of hands, as the most experienced manpower and staff in hotel and hospitality service, are there to make you feel regal. They would not conciliate to average just to provide you with uncompromised service the class you deserve!

Green Park Chitwan, would then offer you a stay of a life time. You might want to reschedule your itinerary, you might want to extend your vacation time, you might even want to consider elaborating your plans for the weekend after you reach Green Park Chitwan. It isn't limited to what you expect it to be it just a tad more than just a 'getaway'.

Rising up above from your expectations is just what Green Park Chitwan carries as its motto. In food, it offers the taste that is both local and universal. It brings in assorted drinks from Chitwan to the world, and just to make you enjoy either solemnly or superbly, Green Park Chitwan has fashioned B3 a Bar, made of Bamboo, serving you Booze!

If you want to enjoy with your family Green Park Chitwan offers a soothing environment inside its restaurant, where its hanging lights are covered with traditionally weaved lamp holders. They just don't add to the ambience of the environment, but to the holiday mood that you are in.

Or if you just want to 'rock on it', then every balcony and terrace provides you with a rocking chair. You can relax, enjoy good food, healthy drink and as you put your head down realize that a tiring body elevates to an unwinding plane.

Out there in the open air, a rhythm would be beating a show would be put up just for you. And it would not just be a symphony that your ears are accustomed to, or the visuals that you have always seen the programmes put up by Green Park Chitwan would be captured in you camcorder forever. Entertainment is best served warm here as they would touch your heart.

Rooms at Green Park Chitwan haven't left a latch lodged to make your experience less than fantastic. Enter and from the walls and ceiling, to the floor and faucet, to bed and tiles they all welcome you home.

If you are honeymooning, Green Park Chitwan is the place to be as we would leave no stone unturned to make your memorable time a plus memorable one. To broaden the smile that you would carry for your lifetime, we serve you with a smile a wish for you to enjoy your stay at Green Park Chitwan.

For conferences, official purposes or even annual meets, Baghmara has been in the eye of the choosers. Green Park Chitwan isn't any different, but does create all the difference. The conference hall along with a secretarial room at Green Park Chitwan offers space and even in the lack of it, offers two smaller conference halls (just in case).

There isn't much to do when you visit Green Park Chitwan and it's just because everything has been done for you. It's like taking a dip of a tea bag in a hot cup of water the taste, the smell and the color, they reveal on their own!

Take a plunge into the heart of the tiger come visit Tiger Point at Baghmara. Green Park Chitwan opens its door to you.

And then you realize that your own colors have come alive!

Join us at Green Park Chitwan. Come experience true resorting!