Wild Dog(Cuon alpinus)

A handsome reddish hunting dog with a dark muzzle and a black tipped tail, these predators run down their prey. In some parts of the sub-continent they hunt in packs of eight or more adults. They are rarely seen at chitwan and then only singly or in pairs.

Royal Bengal Tiger(Panthera tigris tigris) - Wildlife of chitwan

Although leopard co-exist at chitwan with tigers, the latter and socially dominant is intolerant of the former. Leopards are not common in prime tiger habitat but are concentrated on the edge dependent both on natural prey, taking some of the same species as the tiger(but generally smaller specimens), and on domestic livestock, Leopard sightings are less frequent than tiger sightings at chitwan.

Wild Boar(Sus Scrofa)

With its sparse black coat and bristled mane a large boar may stand three feet at the shoulder and weigh 300 pounds. The males have razor sharp tusks. The wild boar is omnivorous and its diet includes roots, tubers, insects, snakes and carrion.They feed normally in the early morning of the late evening. Four to six young are born at one time and the mother shelters them in a heaped-up mass of grass or branches, which she builds before she gives birth.

Blackbuck(Antilope cervicapra)

A graceful antelope of the open plains, they may be seen in small herds. The bucks are black with a white eye ring and undersides, and their spiralled horns may reach twenty inches. The young males and hornless females are brown. There is a small population of blackbuck in open country near cultivated land to the southeast of the park. There have been attempts to introduce blackbuck, mainly zoo animals, into the park at Baghora Phanta, a large meadow.

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