Gharial Crocodile(Gavialis gangeticus)

This highly endangered mammal is the focus of an ongoing breeding programme at Chitwan National Park. Up to 5 meters in length, this fish-eating crocodile has a long. slender snout, capped by the cartilaginous bulb, the ghara, which gives it its name.

Gangetic Dolphin(Platanista Gangetica)

This fresh water dolphin, up to eight feet in length, is found in the Narayani river at chiwan. It surfaces to breathe about once a minute. The jaws of this almost sightless animals are adapted for browsing on bottom living crustaceans. Chitwan is the best place in Nepal to see a fresh water dolphin.

Striped Hyena(Hyaena hyaena)

Scavenger/predator found chiefly in scrubland at the edge of the park, it is tawny or grey with black transverse stripes and has powerful jaws and massive forequarters. Sightings are rare.

Golden Jackals (Canis aureus)

A smaller relative of the wolf, the jackal's colouration varies from tawny brown to grey, Generally found in pairs, they hunt small mammals and birds, but are also scavengers, They are mainly nocturnal, and the jackals howl may often heard at night.

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